1468604_597407290295996_1899342798_nA couple years ago, I was being interviewed for a social media position and one of the questions they asked me was “How would you explain social media to a senior executive who isn’t up to date with new social trends.” At first, I stated obvious benefits of social such as the importance of building a social media presence and creating engaging content that is valuable to your target audience. As I continued to elaborate more on my answer, I began to struggle on what else I could say and finished my answer with a weak ending. The interview ended and I thanked the interviewer for their time. Did I get the job? Of course not, and I knew it was because of my answer to this question. 

As we are moving into a new digital frontier in marketing, I knew that I needed a much stronger perspective on social media that went beyond basics strategies to strive in my career. I began searching for books on social media marketing in hopes to gain a sharp and fresh perspective that I was missing. After reading several books on this topic by “industry social leaders,” I was disappointed to read repetitive theories on social business and weak content that wasn’t enough to leave a lasting impact on me. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon, “Your Brand, The Next Chapter” by Micheal Brito, that it gave me a breakthrough and social marketing epiphany I was searching for. 

Talk about a game changer, Brito’s brilliant perspective on social marketing is one that can’t be ignored. Michael’s excellent storytelling approach combined with strong content  through case studies and real personal experience, deliver a knockout in educating the reader of the new landscape in social marketing. The book dives into detailed strategies and steps to implement the transition to a social media company and techniques to master your content strategy. I can’t tell you how much I recommend this book to anyone from a senior executive to a new college graduate hoping to gain a breakthrough perspective on social business and marketing.

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